Highland Games

Primary 5/6 ~ Mrs MacDonald

As most of you will be aware the Highland Games are on this Saturday, 26th August.  The children have been excitedly chatting about the event, and there is a great opportunity for them to take part.  See below details about events they can participate in:

Local Events

Local Events start at 11.00am on the track and field, following the Loch Ness Pipes and Drums and local organisations parade.

Anyone who was born or resident (for more than 1 year) in the parishes of Abertarff, Glenmoriston, Glenurquhart, Kiltarlity, Kilmorack and Kirkhill is entitled to take part in the local events.  In addition, any child under the age of 16, who attends a school within these parishes is also entitled to compete in a local competition.

During the morning junior visitor events will also be held for youngsters who wish to take part but are not eligible to compete in the “local…

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