Loch Insh update

Just a quick post to confirm that P7 will return to school tomorrow between 3.15pm and 3.30pm.  We hope your washing machines are standing ready… 😀

All the P7s are busy mountain biking with Mrs Laird and Ms Wynne at the moment!

Loch Insh Day 2

What a busy day.  We enjoyed a quick visit to the trim trail after breakfast and then the rest of the day was spent on or in the water.  We needed several hot chocolates to keep us going today.  Miss MacDonald and Mrs MacDonald-Haig came to visit us in the evening, bringing some much needed supplies. 😉

Raft building proved to be quite a challenge with a lot of instructions to follow.  The session ended up as a draw with the Lions and the Tigers winning 2 challenges each.  Good communication at different stages of the build and the race made a big difference.

The Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) were great fun but quite a challenge on a windy day!

Sailing was a relaxing way to end the day.  Several pupils took charge of the tiller and got the Seafares going at quite a speed back and forth across Loch Insh!




Food Education

P7 had a really interesting session about budgeting for food with Mrs Laird last Thursday (21st Sept.)  Buying in bulk can bring down the cost per portion but it can increase the risk of food going to waste.

Meanwhile, P6 were able to show some of our P7s how to play the Food Hygiene games that we borrowed from the Health Promotion Library.  “Bubbles and Slime” and “Food Busters” both require a secure knowledge of food safety and food hygiene.

Land Art 26.9.17

The children not at Loch Insh were with Mrs Laird today.  We looked at the Scottish artist, Andy Goldsworthy’s work.  The children enjoyed discussing his various creations, how they were made, commonalities and how they made them feel.

We then went outside and had to meet some Land Art challenges.
1. Can you tie two sticks together using only natural materials?

2. Can you hang something from a tree?

3. Can you create an arch from natural materials?

4. Can you create a spiral in natural materials?

Lastly, we worked together to create our own land art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Click on the circle to see a bigger picture.

P7 Food Hygiene Training

Last Thursday, P7 pupils undertook food hygiene training under the watchful eye of Patrick McCafferty, Food Safety Officer for Highland Council.  The P7s were reminded when and how to wash their hands.  Mr McCafferty used UV light to show the effectiveness of thorough hand washing in eliminating bacteria, as well as how cross contamination can make bacteria spread!

On their return to class, the P7s were able to use their knowledge to design informative food hygiene posters.

They will be able to apply their food hygiene knowledge soon – when they cook lasagne!

Parents of P7s: Loch Insh Fundraising

  • Are any parents willing to volunteer at the Loch Ness Marathon & Festival of Running – Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 September?  This has been a lucrative fundraiser in the past.  Half days are ideal. Please email the school as soon as possible if you can help: Glenurquhart.Primary@highland.gov.uk
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances the sponsored event cannot go ahead – my apologies.
  • P7 have decided to have another go at a Home baking tuck shop on Thursday 21st September.  Any donations of home baking would be gratefully received on the day.

Scientific Skills with Dr Ritchie

This morning, Dr Margaret Ritchie enthralled us all with stories about her career and international research work.  She then trained us in the use of pipettes and test tubes so that we can carry out some forensic tests on foods and drinks later in the term.  We measured out 20 droplet of dyed water and compared with our team mates to see if we had been accurate and precise.  (20 droplets should be exactly 1.0cm3)  The session ended with a quickfire quiz – some winning team members are pictured.

Dr Ritchie explained why hydrogen and oxygen are unique in the universe – can your P6/7 daughter/son remember why?