Loch Insh Day 2

What a busy day.  We enjoyed a quick visit to the trim trail after breakfast and then the rest of the day was spent on or in the water.  We needed several hot chocolates to keep us going today.  Miss MacDonald and Mrs MacDonald-Haig came to visit us in the evening, bringing some much needed supplies. 😉

Raft building proved to be quite a challenge with a lot of instructions to follow.  The session ended up as a draw with the Lions and the Tigers winning 2 challenges each.  Good communication at different stages of the build and the race made a big difference.

The Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP) were great fun but quite a challenge on a windy day!

Sailing was a relaxing way to end the day.  Several pupils took charge of the tiller and got the Seafares going at quite a speed back and forth across Loch Insh!




One thought on “Loch Insh Day 2


    Looks like you are all having great fun. Grace really enjoyed the sailing and the raft building was quite challenging. I’m sure you appreciated your visitors. Here’s hoping the weather holds for you all. Thanks for the posts it’s great to see them all having fun.

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