Bienvenue à l’école!

Bonsoir mes élèves (et leurs parents,)
Je suis impatient de vous voir demain.
N’oubliez pas d’apporter votre kit PE et une paire de chaussures ou baskets d’intérieur! Vous allez jouer au badminton demain après-midi.

Good evening pupils (and parents)
I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Remember to bring your PE kit and a pair of indoor shoes or trainers! You will be playing badminton tomorrow afternoon.

J’ai passé une semaine fantastique à Lyon, améliorant mon enseignement du français. J’ai beaucoup de livres, de chansons et de jeux à vous montrer!

I have had a fantastic week in Lyon, improving my teaching of French. I have lots of books, songs and games to show you!


Rendez-vous demain,

See you tomorrow,

Mlle Mullin

Miss Mullin


Bonnes Vacances

Thank you P6/7 for all your great effort and team work this term.  Have a safe and happy holiday.  🙂

School starts again on Monday 23rd October.  You will need to bring your PE kit and a pair of indoor shoes/trainers for your first day back – you will be playing badminton in the afternoon!



On Thursday afternoon we revised the numbers from 0 – 10 and then played a couple of games of bingo!  Let’s see if the P6/7s can count from 0 – 10 for you at home…

0     neoni
1     aon
2     dhà
3     trì
4     ceithir
5     còig
6     sia
7     seachd
8     ochd
9     naoi
10   deich

If you would like to find out more about the Gaelic language, please visit The Go Gaelic Website

Microscale Chemistry with Dr Ritchie

On Thursday morning the pupils worked accurately and precisely to make red cabbage indicator and use it to test whether different substances were acidic or alkali.

We found out that fruit is slightly acidic and toothpaste is slightly alkali (which is why  toothpaste neutralises the acid in your mouth!)

Dr Ritchie challenged the children to train their families once they got home.  Please send us photos of your home experiments and let us know what you discover!

red cabbage indicator

image from Wymondley JMI School’s science club website:

(This website contains step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this experiment and lots of household items you could analyse with it.)

Physical Education

This term, P6/7 have been learning to control different objects with greater skill.  They have learned how to use a change of direction and speed to create space in football, and how to send and receive a rugby ball whilst moving.  Their final PE lesson of the term concentrated on volleyball and ended with a bit of table tennis.

Next term the initial focus will be rebound skills in badminton.

Marvellous Mental Maths Pyramids

On Monday, P6/7 pupils were challenged to pick a times table that they need to practise.  They had to make a ‘pyramid’ (triangle really!) by using playing cards and the four operations so that each row matched the total for each multiplier.  For instance, if they picked the 7 x table, row 1 should have 1 card and total 7, row 2 should have 2 cards and make 14, row 3 should have 3 cards to make 21 and so on.  The challenge was to reach 9 x their chosen number.

If you have a pack of cards at home, maybe your son or daughter could make one for you?  (And to make it more of a challenge, they could try it against the clock!)

P5/6 Smoothie Sale

Primary 5/6 ~ Mrs MacDonald

The P5/6 class will be selling smoothies at morning break on Wednesday 4th October.  They will cost 75p and any profits will go to the school.  There will be a dairy free option available.

Our class has been working hard this term learning about food, weight and measure and money and this enterprise project is a great way to combine our knowledge and showcase what we’ve learned.  We’ve developed different smoothie recipes, tasted them and chosen our favourite combinations of flavours.  We’ve had to work out the quantities of ingredients suitable for the volume of smoothie we’d like to make, and we’ve done research on the prices of our ingredients so we can make a profit.

I look forward to updating you on our anticipated success!

-Mrs. Mac

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Loch Insh Day 4 – Friday 29th Sept

P7 had a challenging last session learning to canoe in increasingly gusty winds.  We played some games in our canoes and then on land to give everyone a break from paddling hard against the elements.

This week the P7s have really impressed the instructors as well as Ms Wynne and I.  They have challenged themselves in different ways and have demonstrated determination and bravery!  It has been gratifying to see the P7s become even more appreciative and supportive of each other.  I am so proud of you all.  HUGE thanks to Ms Wynne for all her hard work this week, and to Mrs Laird for supporting the whole week and making the day trip possible.

Hopefully we can make the Loch Insh official DVD available to families early next term.

Loch Insh Day 3 – Thursday

Last Thursday (28th Sept) all of the P7s (and Mrs Laird!) spent the day mountain biking and windsurfing.  In the evening there was a BBQ, ski-ing and then a presentation in The Dome.  Busy, busy, busy!

The P7s went mountain biking in two groups.

We learned to windsurf together and then celebrated our success by jumping off the floating pier.

The ducks wanted to join us at our BBQ!

The last activity of the day was an hour and a half of ski-ing.

We ended the evening with a onesie party and some treats (Thanks again to Mrs MacDonald-Haig and Miss MacDonald!)