Loch Insh Day 4 – Friday 29th Sept

P7 had a challenging last session learning to canoe in increasingly gusty winds.  We played some games in our canoes and then on land to give everyone a break from paddling hard against the elements.

This week the P7s have really impressed the instructors as well as Ms Wynne and I.  They have challenged themselves in different ways and have demonstrated determination and bravery!  It has been gratifying to see the P7s become even more appreciative and supportive of each other.  I am so proud of you all.  HUGE thanks to Ms Wynne for all her hard work this week, and to Mrs Laird for supporting the whole week and making the day trip possible.

Hopefully we can make the Loch Insh official DVD available to families early next term.


One thought on “Loch Insh Day 4 – Friday 29th Sept


    A huge thanks to all staff for making this a wonderful experience for the pupils. A great opportunity for the pupils to come together and support one another. Grace had a fantastic time. Thanks again 😊


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