My World of Work Website

All our P6 and P7 pupils now have accounts on the “My World of Work” website.

My World of Work can be found at

If you have time, please do explore the site.  It has three types of activities to choose from: interests, skills and animal me (personality.)

I had a go at “Animal Me” and my result was…I am a Clownfish!

Why don’t you leave a comment to let us know which animal you are?  And which suggested job appeals to you (if any?)


Optional Homework

P6/7 received their sheets today. Best of luck!

Primary 1/2 ~ Mr Macleod

Christmas Tree

On behalf of Drumnadrochit Flower Forum, I would like to ask if the children would like to do a drawing/colouring/painting of Christmas for a competition to win the chance to switch on the Christmas tree lights in Drumnadrochit on Tuesday 5th December at 6:30pm.  Entries can be completed on the paper sent home today or on a different piece of paper.

Entries will be collected on Friday 1st December.

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Outdoor Chromatography

This afternoon, P6/7 learned about the scientific explanation for why leaves change colour in autumn.  We collected as many different colours of leaves as we could from our playground.   We separated the plant pigments using paper chromatography.  We expect to see different pigments on each piece of filter paper.  P6/7 – can you explain WHY?

The Daily Dribble!

This week, we decided to try something different with our Daily Mile.  We turned it into a Daily Dribble!  Pupils could choose to walk, jog, run, dribble on their own, or work with a partner.  More pupils than usual achieved the mile (5 laps of the Astroturf) within the 15 minutes.  Well done P6/7!

Farm visit 14.11.17

What an interesting visit! I am looking forward to finding out more about when I discuss it with the P7s tomorrow! Thank you to Maggie, David and Barbara as well as Mrs Laird and Mrs Price!

Food at Glenurquhart Primary School

Today the P7 children visited Corrimony farm with the support of Maggie from Royal Highland Education Trust.  They learnt about the herd of Stabliser cattle that Mr and Mrs Girvan, the farmers have chosen to breed at the farm.  They learnt about what makes this breed special, why the Girvans chose it and the life and journey of the cows from embryo implantation/breeding at the farm to their life breeding on the farm or on to the supermarkets.

They learnt about the importance of Scotch beef and the passport of the animals to ensure that the cattle have been bred, lived and slaughtered in Scotland.  They also learnt about the role of Quality Meat Scotland in checking the welfare of the cattle, that their feed is correct, medicine recorded correctly and the correct vitamins given.  This is all recorded in a passport for each cow/bull.

Furthermore, they heard about the…

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Burgers 9.11.17

Hope you enjoyed your take-home burgers. Good job P7!

Food at Glenurquhart Primary School

Today two groups worked to make our burger recipes.  We got a chance to use our new equipment in the school including our fancy induction hob.  The Ipads have been great for noting the steps in our recipe while we work and also taking pictures.  The other groups then worked to write up (copying and pasting our notes from last week) the Lasagne recipe.  Check the Recipe page at the top for this.

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We are trying to improve our badminton skills.  Badminton requires endurance and light footwork as well as good racquet work.  Serving is especially challenging.  Ask us what we need to do to improve!


Interested in finding out more about the sport?  Visit Badminton Scotland

Did you know, you can play badminton at The Craigmonie Centre?  Just pay and sign in at reception – £2 per person per hour (inc. equipment rental) NEW TIME! Tues: 6.00 to 8.30pm & Wed 6.00 to 8.30pm & Sat 10am to 12pm – Under 18s free (but must be accompanied by a paying adult).