For the last two weeks, Mrs MacPhee has been teaching us to say the days of the week in Gaelic.  The Go Gaelic unit on days of the week is here.

Today we used notched cards with our partners – one person said the English word or phrase and the other had to respond with the Gaelic word or phrase.

Today we learned a new song about the days of the week.  You can listen to it via soundcloud here.

The days of the week in Gaelic are:

Diluain – Monday
Dimàirt – Tuesday
Diciadain – Wednesday
Diardaoin – Thursday
Dihaoine – Friday
Disathairne – Saturday
Didòmhnaich – Sunday


Invasion of the basketball snatchers!

We have been improving our understanding of invasion games through basketball.  Our learning intentions are:

  • To be able to find space even in a busy game.
  • To be able to throw, catch and dribble with control.
  • To be able to understand the importance of width.

This week’s lesson focused on dribbling and how to position your body in relation to defenders.

Can you spot who is defending the basketball well?


Winter Scenes

Over the last three weeks, we have explored texture, line and shape in drawings and paintings.  We compared some famous winter paintings and looked outside for inspiration!  “Beneath the Snow Encumbered Branches” by Joseph Farquharson (1901) was the most popular one in the class.  What do you think of it?

The shortening winter's day is near a close Farquharson.jpg

We experimented with a variety of tools to create texture with paint.

We made a rough sketch to plan our paintings.

Now the paintings are taking shape, and we are adding details.

Chess Champion!

Congratulations to our Chess Champion from Terms 1 and 2!


We are now ready to hold a 16-Team Round Robin competition between now and June.

Any chess-playing parent or grandparents who are able to come along and help Miss Mullin to supervise our 29 players would be very welcome!  Please find our helper note here: Chess Club appeal for helpers

Education City and Active Learn

The school is closed today (Tuesday 16th January 2018.)

Just a reminder that P6/7 should have their login details for Education City and Active Learn in the front of their homework jotters.  They have new activities assigned for ‘Classwork’ in Education City, and new games to play on Active Learn.  Several, though not all, are tablet-friendly.

If anyone is at a loose end today, feel free to login and have a go!

Icy experiments

On Thursday, we tried to “grow ice” but we couldn’t get it to work.  It might be because of an error in the method or the equipment that we used, so we are going to have another go next week.

Today we investigated how the air temperature affects the melting rate of ice.  We placed the same amount of ice in 5 locations and then checked on them every 20 minutes or so.  Miss Mullin took a photo after 3 hours.


As predicted the ice cubes in the staffroom melted fastest, followed by the ice in our classroom, then the hall cupboard, then a picnic table, then the P7 garden.  It really is a chilly spot in the winter!  Brr!

First Aid

Yesterday morning we received First Aid training from Kirsty, who works for the British Red Cross.  She taught us what to do in lots of different first aid situations, including how to check if someone is breathing, how to put someone in the safety position, and how to give CPR.

CPR was really hard work!  We learned that you need to get into a good position and keep your arms straight.  You have to keep going until an ambulance person tells you to stop.  We sang “Staying Alive” to keep us at the right speed.  Kirsty explained that you don’t need to give people “rescue breaths” anymore, unless you are giving CPR to a child or baby.

The British Red Cross website for First Aid training for children can be found here

If you have a Twitter account, you can follow them @BritishRedCross

Use the hashtag #learnfirstaid


Karate Taster Session

Yesterday morning each class was given a taster session of Karate from Dolina Ross of Karate Alba.  We learned about the different styles of karate and had a go at some basic moves after warming up!  Karate is about speed as well as power, but it also helps to improve balance.

Dolina is offering a class for our pupils, in the primary school hall, on Fridays from 12.10 – 13.10.  Letters will go out next week.  We hope lots of pupils will come along and give it a go!

If there are any parents or older brothers and sisters interested, details of Dolina’s continuing classes at the Craigmonie Centre are below:

Glenurquhart Karate Club – Karate for Adults and Teenagers


  Fridays : 6.30pm to 7.30pm  (Seniors / Adults)

The Craigmonie Centre (GUHS)

For further information: contact
Dolina Ross: 01463 233083
4th Dan Black Belt with over 30 years experience. 12 years Scottish Champion and 4 years British Champion in team & individual events