First Aid

Yesterday morning we received First Aid training from Kirsty, who works for the British Red Cross.  She taught us what to do in lots of different first aid situations, including how to check if someone is breathing, how to put someone in the safety position, and how to give CPR.

CPR was really hard work!  We learned that you need to get into a good position and keep your arms straight.  You have to keep going until an ambulance person tells you to stop.  We sang “Staying Alive” to keep us at the right speed.  Kirsty explained that you don’t need to give people “rescue breaths” anymore, unless you are giving CPR to a child or baby.

The British Red Cross website for First Aid training for children can be found here

If you have a Twitter account, you can follow them @BritishRedCross

Use the hashtag #learnfirstaid



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