How mindset affects learning

On Tuesday (9th January) we were visited by Scott and Jen from “Live-n-Learn.”  In the morning, Scott presented an assembly to the whole school which explained how having a “Growth Mindset” can help learners to be more successful and achieve much more than people who have a “Fixed Mindset” about their abilities.

In the afternoon, Scott and Jen led workshops for P4, P5, P6 and P7.  We listened to another short powerpoint, did some electronic voting, and then had four problems to solve in small teams.  They were challenging problems, but working together, talking them through, and trying out different strategies really helped.  We finished off the session with a special version of Monopoly.

P6 workshop:


P7 workshop:


Ask us to tell you about one of the problems that we solved together!

The Live-n-Learn website can be found here.


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