P6 Parents


Dear P6 Parents,

Please find the Loch Insh Parent Information Evening letter here: parents info eve invite March 2018  A paper copy was given out today.

The proposed dates of our residential trip to Loch Insh are Tuesday 25th – Friday 28th September 2018.

We look forward to telling you more about it on Wednesday 14th March at 6.30pm.  🙂


World Book Day

I am looking forward to finding out about your favourite book characters on the 1st of March! Please remember to bring in the book, if you can.


We are hoping to celebrate World Book Day on Thursday, 1st March.  Children can come dressed as their favourite book character for this.  In school, we will be having a nautical theme to conincide with the new lifeboat house on Loch Ness and our forthcoming focus for Science Week later in March.  However, children may pick any character they wish.  They are encouraged to bring in the book containing the character and share it/part of it in school.  We will have various activities running throughout the day which the children will complete in their house groups and move around the classes and teachers for.  It should be great fun!

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If at first you don’t succeed…

We tried to grow ice again today, but couldn’t make it work properly.  We used containers to hold our ice cubes in this time, to see if it would make a difference.  But it didn’t.  The water we used was chilled in the freezer for two and a quarter hours beforehand.

We just can’t replicate the dramatic results we have viewed online.

Any suggestions about what to try next time?

Paired Reading with P1/2

This morning, P6/7 put all their training into action in the first paired reading session with their P1/2 buddies.  It was great to see the older pupils putting their newly acquired skills into action supporting the younger pupils.  The biggest challenge was finding books that their buddies were interested in but which weren’t too difficult for them either!  Mr Macleod and Miss Mullin were very impressed by the close attention that was being paid to the P1/2s by their older buddies.  We are proud of you P6/7!


Paired Reading Roleplay

P6/7 pupils completed their fourth and final paired reading training session last Friday (9th February.)  They had to work in threes, role playing a paired reading session with one person acting as an observer and providing feedback.  Everyone had a turn being the younger reader, the older reader and the observer.


Equality and Diversity

All the children in Glenurquhart have now begun learning about various themes within Equality and Diversity, using the new books we purchased and shared at parent meetings in November. These have been linked with our school values also.

Each class will have weekly lessons with Mrs Laird focusing on these themes. We have started by looking at ‘The Dot’ by Peter Reynolds.

This has linked with our school values of ‘Positivity’ and ‘Creativity’ as well as, the work we have started on Growth Mindset and builds on learning from whole school assemblies. A part of this learning, each class has completed Dot art work in the style of an artist who left their mark on the world. This is displayed around our school – please do pop in and see. Each class will also create a dot character and piece of writing about how this character solves a problem.

P6/7 heard the author read the story on their Smartboard.  They then considered work we had completed around Creativity skills in assembly.  Using the skills poster and our discussion, they wrote a description of how they could show each of the creativity skills; curiosity, open mindedness, imagination, applying creativity and problem solving.  From this, they plotted how they would rate themselves against these areas and then set a personal goal for one.  They will use this in their story writing lesson.

P6/7 then looked at the work of American sculptor Alexander Calder.  They consider the elements of line, shape and colour and discussed how this following on from their previous learning in Art.  They then created dot pictures in the style of the artist.

Cosy dens

We are very proud of our dens!

Sandra thinks that we have done such a good job building our dens that she is going to leave them up for a whole week so that we can bring our parents to visit.

We needed to make the bases as wide as possible so they would stand up, so some of them are a bit small for a whole team!

Huge thanks to Sandra Reid (Forestry Commission Ranger) for a fantastic workshop, and to Mrs Montague and Ms Young for helping to supervise.  🙂