Tuesday’s transition afternoon

Transition Afternoon at Glenurquhart High School ~ Tuesday 15th May 2018

Huge thanks to Mrs Nellan and Ms Wilshaw for a fantastic transition afternoon.  All the P7s loved it!  🙂

“On Tuesday the 15TH of May, P7 visited the high school for a transition lunch and 2 lessons.  The Cannich and Balnain pupils were there and also 2 other children from Inverness.  The pupils chose someone from another school to buddy up with and sat down for lunch.  After eating and lots of chatting the new S1s were split into classes for the day.  Both classes got a chance to do a Music lesson with Mrs Wilshaw and a Home Economics lesson with Jennah’s mum, Mrs Nellan.  In music pupils got to play the xylophone and in Home Ec they baked fruit and oat cookies.  Overall the experience made nervous people less nervous and made everyone very excited about high school.“ Sam

“On Tuesday the 15th of May P7 went on a transition half day to Glenurquhart High School and loved it. They had lunch at the high school and the portions were much bigger than back at the primary school.
Then they split into 2 groups. One group went to home ec. and one group went to music with Miss Wilshaw and learned how to read music and play a xylophone (though some knew how to already) and if we were too noisy she would play the jaws theme tune. The P7s loved it.
At home ec we were taught by Mrs Nellen (Jennah’s mum.) We made oat and raisin cookies. They were a bit burnt but otherwise ok.
After all this we played duck duck goose in our groups until the home time bell. The P7s didn’t want to go but they had to go because their families were waiting. We all enjoyed that trip it was great fun and we can’t wait for the next one.” Anna

“On the 15th of May 2018 the P7 class went to the high school for a transition. Firstly as we walked up to the high school we were introduced to 2 people that would be joining us in high school with us: Lilly and Callum. We were split into groups and after a quick look at the back field we had lunch. After lunch my group went to home economics with Mrs. Nellan and we baked cookies. They were very nice! Then we swapped with the other group and went to music. In music we learned a tune on the xylophone. Mrs Woodhouse filmed us playing the tune. After that it was time to go home. All in all it was a brilliant day and we look forward to going to high school after summer!” Grace

“We made cookies in home economics and played music on the xylophones in music, it was fun. The school dinners are really good. I had tomato pasta bake.” George

Please see Glenurquhart High School’s Facebook page for more details and photos.


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