Bonne année!

Happy New Year!

Queen Poppy dated

On Monday when we learned about how the French celebrate Epiphany: La fête des rois.

Epiphany is also known as “Twelfth Night.”  It marks a visit to the baby Jesus by three Kings, or Wise Men. The word ‘Epiphany’ comes from Greek and means to show, referring to Jesus being revealed to the world.

Not many of us like the taste of the traditional frangipane galette so instead of “une galette des Rois,” we all tried a piece of apple tart.  Our youngest pupil hid under the table and told us who to give each slice to.  Miss Mullin hadn’t hidden a charm inside a slice so she selected a pupil at random to be King/Queen for the day!

We also found out that traditionally, throughout January and early February, French people send each other Happy New Year cards instead of Christmas cards.  We have begun to make some.


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